Youtube premium was created to be a fancier version of Youtube. It offers the basic functionality of Youtube stripped off the ads. As simple as it sounds, the service is meant to cater to people that don’t like advertisements being forced on them just before they start their favorite video.

Originally Youtube Red, premium offers three main features on its monthly package. It allows users to download videos for offline watching, listeners can stream their favorite music in the background using the Youtube music app and the user gets exclusive content on both Youtube and Youtube Music.

What do you need to apply to Youtube premium?

To get a Youtube Premium membership, visit Depending on whether this is your first time or not you will see an option to try the experience for free. Members of premium might see an option to upgrade their membership instead.

How to unsubscribe from Youtube premium

For those that don’t want to go past the free trial, make sure you cancel your membership and not after it expires. That way it doesn’t roll over into a paid subscription at the end.

These are the steps for ending an active membership:

– Go to
– Click ‘Manage memberships’ and then deactivate.
– On the pop-up, choose to either pause your membership for a while or go on   with the cancellation process.

List of Similar Companies to Subscribe to

Here is a list of companies that offer similar services to Youtube but with slight variations:

vimeo is a service that was founded by filmmakers. compared to youtube, vimeo has much higher quality videos and a much better interface. it is also ad-free and allows users to comment, follow channels and link their accounts to social media.

this is a good option for anyone concerned about privacy. it is a completely decentralized service meaning its videos aren’t uploaded and streamed from one server. This process is done by blockchain instead, making it harder for hackers to tamper with video content.