Family is the inspiration behind what The Great Outdoor Company does. It creates inclusive and free fitness spaces in open places like parks where everyone can reap the benefits of the variety of physical activities they offer.

Also, they strive at doing things right by pioneering safer, greener and stronger outdoor gyms that others can’t offer anywhere else because The Great Outdoor Gym Company is the leading company in innovations.

Some of its innovations include the Great Outdoor energy range, which involves recycling human energy and convert it into green electricity. There is also the Great Outdoor smart gyms and an energy storage system. On the other hand, on innovations, it’s also developing marine plastic flooring. The Great Outdoor Company has managed to set up 1,500 gyms globally, planted 4,071 trees, and boasts 7.5million gym members worldwide. The Great Outdoor Company aims to inspire people globally to improve their health and be active in a more sustainable way. However, it is normal if someone will want to cancel their membership with the Great Outdoor gym company for various reasons.

Before you consider cancelling your membership with the Great Outdoor Gym Company, we advise you to read the conditions carefully so you avoid running into any penalties. Having a subscription to the Great Outdoor gym company comes with a lot of benefits, such as;

As a member, you are privileged to use the smart gyms’ equipment.

● As a member, your safety comes first and the Great Outdoor Gym Company guarantees its members of their safety.

● Gym members can enjoy strong gyms

● Their gyms are more sustainable. Therefore, having a subscription means you participate in a movement of keeping the planet safe.

● For those who love working out together as a family, the gyms are family-friendly and you can be sure of having a great time with your family.

● The gyms at the Great Outdoor Gym Company offer all fitness abilities for its members.

● The Great Outdoor Gym Company offers the best value in the gym market.

How to unsubscribe from the Great Outdoor gym company

For you to cancel your contract, you will have to hand in your notarized letter of cancellation. An official notary public has to sign this letter. You will have to include your name, email address, address and phone number while writing this letter.

While writing the letter, state your cancellation terms. You should also state the date that you wish to cancel your membership. You will also have to acknowledge the cancellation policy of the gym and adhere to it. You will also have to request the gym to notify you once they receive your statement. Lastly, you have to notarize and hand in your letter.

Alternatively, you can opt to freeze your contract. You can also transfer your membership to someone else. Another alternative you have is hiring a cancellation service.

Required documents for requesting a cancellation and contact details

Required documents for requesting a cancellation

  1. Your name.
  2. Your email address.
  3. Your gym account number.
  4. Your phone number.

Company’s details

● Phone: +44(0)1795373301

● Email: [email protected]

● Address: c/o Chavereys, 2 Jubilee Way, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8GD

Similar companies to subscribe to

The gym market is full of competition. Therefore, if you unsubscribe from the Great Outdoor company, it advisable to do an online search for a better gym company. Some of the other gym companies include:

● PureGym

● Perfomance ground

● DW Fitness first

● David Lloyd

● BXR London