Are you wondering how you can cancel your subscription to America’s Test Kitchen? Then this guide is for you. America’s Test Kitchen is a renowned Tv cooking show that was first aired in 2001. The tv show is known for its rigorous testing of ingredients, recipes, and equipment. Although the television show typically takes a half-hour to broadcast, ATK also uses other platforms such as magazines, podcasts, and cookbooks to share their knowledge.
Furthermore, to access their content on any of their three websites, you must join their membership. In this guide, we will discuss how you can cancel your USA – America’s Test Kitchen.

Required details

When you are registering ATK, one of the fundamental requirements is to be 18 years and above. Then you will follow a simple registration process that entails sharing your email address and your biodata. After which, you will be required to select your ideal subscription and your method of payment.

How to cancel your subscription

Canceling an America’s Test Kitchen subscription is easy and can be done by following the three methods below.

#1. Call customer care
You can cancel your America’s Test Kitchen by simply dialing 1-800-611-0760, and one of their customer care assistants will take care of your cancellation. These services are only available from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

#2. Amazon subscription
Any person who has bought their subscription on amazon can cancel it in their Amazon account using the following steps.
• Sign in to your Amazon account.
• Click on your membership and subscription.
• Then, tap on manage your subscription to ATK.
• Go to the advance link using your advance controls
• At this stage, you are given the option to cancel your subscription

Similar Websites to America’s Test Kitchen

Suppose you are that person who likes to shop all around; similar cooking websites are offering the same services as ATK. They include:

  • Rouxbe
  • Cookly
  • Kitchen window


Canceling your ATK membership is easy and can be done whenever you want. All you need is to follow one of the above procedures, and you will be good to go.