Are you wondering how to cancel USA Noom? Noom is a personalised health app developed by a qualified behavioural psychologist, dietician, and personal trainer. This app uses a comprehensive wellness plan that entails food, mental health and exercise. This app aims to help you lose weight and help you attain a sustainable lifestyle after that. However, to date, the app has helped more than 1.5 million people lose weight.

Required personal details when registering for a Noom account

To register on this app, as a user, you required to download this app first. Then you will fill your biodata that entails your age, gender, weight, health info, social circle and expected weight. This information enables you to create a personalised profile on Noom. After which, you will login into any meal or snacks you intend to eat every day. After you have successfully registered and paid your monthly subscription fee of $59, you will get daily guidance and encouragement from your coach and group, who will support you through the process.

How to unsubscribe from Noom

Any Noom member can cancel their subscriptions and pull up their Noom account by just following these simple steps.
Those who do not have an app should first log into the website, click on the subscription portal, and use the same credentials used earlier to register their account. Once you have logged in to your account, you’ll see an option to cancel on the main page.

If you cancel your subscription before the end of a billing cycle, you will still have access to your coach, Noom course and group.

Those members who use an Android or iOS app can easily manage their subscription in a google play or apple app store. To make a cancellation when using an App, follow the four steps.

• Start by opening your app
• Click the blue chat bubble located on the right corner of your device screen
• Write to the goal specialist your intention to unsubscribe
• After which you will receive a link that will help you process the cancellation

Similar companies to subscribe to

Several companies offer similar services like Noom. These companies include:

  • ideal weight
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Lose It!
  • DailyBurn
  • Happy Scale
  • Fooducate Nutrition Tracker


Noom is the best app for anyone looking for a psychological approach to reduce their weight. With its customised approach, it helps you create healthy habits. As a result, the app is beneficial for people who are looking for a long-term solution.