Brinks Home Security is a company dealing in home security systems. It has reputable acclaims as a leader in the smart home and security industry based in Dallas Texas USA. It provides cutting-edge products and services for alarm monitoring. It has over 1 million customers from North America.

The following are features and benefits of Brinks Home Security:

• It has highly trained professionals with a 24/7 monitoring and response team.

• It develops home automation and efficient smart technology for customers

• It provides professional installation of security system

• It provides affordable monthly plans to its customers

• It offers a money-back guarantee

Required Documents and Contact Information

You require to provide the following:

• Your name

• Your phone number

• The account associated with your monitoring system

You can contact Brinks Home Security customer service by phone at 800-447-9239 when calling and 469-513-8685 when texting. They are available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CST every day including the weekend.

You can also reach Brinks Home Security through the mail by:
Brinks Home Security
PO Box 814530 Dallas, TX 75381-4530

Alternatively, you may contact them via email at [email protected]

How to cancel Brink’s Home Security

To cancel your Brinks Home Security subscription, you can call them by phone at 800-447-9239. Indicate the intention of canceling your subscription to their agent. They will then send you DocuSign Cancellation procedures. These include the 30-day notice cancellation process and expectations of your final bill. Thereafter, the cancellation documents are sent via email within 24 hours for your review.

You ought to sign the document within 7 days. Once signed and sent, there will be a confirmation email from [email protected] with the estimated final bill amount. Your account will be canceled for 30 days since you signed the DocuSign document.

Alternative to Brinks Home Security

There are alternatives to Brinks Home Security. Some of these include:

  • ADT
  • Vector Security
  • Vivint
  • Getsafe
  • Guardian Protection