Together Energy functions as a company that provides energy by supplying electricity and gas to clients in the United Kingdom. It is passionate about supporting vulnerable customers, providing helpful customer support, and reducing fuel poverty. Founded on 25th April 2016, the company focuses on renewable energy provision. Kevin Greenhorn is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Board Member. Paul Richards is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Together Energy supports the use of smart meter technology though this service is currently limited to certain jurisdictions. To find out eligibility, contact them directly. To access an account, customers can do so through the online portal as there is no existing mobile application at the moment.

Benefits of Having a Together Energy Subscription

All the electricity in the home will be generated from renewable sources such as hydro, wind, and solar plants.

● Becoming a part of their fuel poverty reduction agenda.

● Green Energy does not cost more.

● Helps to provide job opportunities for those at the grass-roots level, thus improving lives.

● There is no cost for offsetting carbon gas emissions.

● Competitive long-term tariffs.

How to Unsubscribe from Together Energy

Cancellation of an energy contract may be due to relocation, a contract amendment, switching the energy provider, or for other reasons. The withdrawal process is best done 30 days before the contract expires. One can submit a termination notice to the supplier at any time as long as the cut-off date is in the future. This provides the flexibility to change suppliers at the end of the agreement.

The energy supplier cannot charge any exit fees if the transition is made within 49 days of the current tariff expiration, according to Ofgem regulations. It is, therefore, crucial to know when the tariff expires – skipping the 49-day window period would result in not only a higher electricity bill but also additional fees to get out of it.

Required Documents to Request a Cancellation and Company’s Contact Details

Documents required to terminate your contract are government identification documents of the person who registered the account, the original contract, and a written withdrawal request indicating the cancellation date. Failure to indicate the exact termination date may cause an immediate power cut. There is an energy transfer document that needs to be duly filled and submitted to the energy company. On the vacation date or termination date, the metre reading is vital to avoid being charged in excess.

Company’s Details

Email: [email protected]  or [email protected] (for media enquiries)


Customer Services 0141 846 1520

Sales & Renewals 0141 846 1521

Physical Address:

Erskine House,

North Avenue,

Clydebank Business Park,

Clydebank, Dunbartonshire,

Scotland, G81 2DR

Registered in Scotland SC533489 (company number)

Alternatives to Together Energy

Companies providing renewable energy continue to increase in number, giving one more and more options to choose from. Together Energy competitors include:

● Energy Helpline

● Octopus Energy

● Outfox the Market

● Boost Power

● Bristol Energy

● Tonik Energy

● Spark Energy

● Green Network Energy

● Power Shop