Once in a while, loneliness always sets in our lives. As much as this may happen frequently, people take different steps to suppress the feeling. You may decide to concentrate on hobbies like travelling, reading or going to the gym. However, you may decide to look for a partner in Muzmatch to keep you company, either way it will be problem solved.

Muzmatch is a dating app preferably meant for Muslims. It was founded by Shahzad Younas and later launched into the market in 2015. Muzmatch is a platform that encourages single Muslims to meet. One of the best facts about the application is that it emphasises marriage rather than a casual hook up or date.

Benefits of having this contract/subscription

The bigger question for anyone interested in getting a partner will be; why specifically this app? To quench the curiosity that will arise due to this question, check out some of the advantages you will have as a new subscriber.

● No need to worry about the huge disparity in religion
● It gets easier to get someone your family will gladly appreciate
● Chances to get someone who shares a common interest with you is high
● Catfishing on the site is at the minimum

Required documents/personal details

Of course, to get your account active, you have to submit some of the details that define you so that people can view your profile and if they are interested, they can contact you. Some of the details that you will require to submit include:

● Profile picture
● Characteristics like age, eye colour, height etc
● Contact like phone number, email address or Instagram handle

How to unsubscribe

At every start of every technological adventure, surely it reaches a time that it will end. In the case of Muzmatch, there may be different reasons that cause a person to terminate the subscription. It may be because the person has found the love of their lives and is satisfied with the application or that it is becoming difficult to find someone to soothe the soul. Either way, Muzmatch has its protocols on how to terminate the subscription.

One thing that you need to first keep in mind is that when you terminate your account, the data you had made public will be erased and they would not use it anywhere. However, when deleting the account, there will be a question meant to know the reason for your departure. Otherwise, the procedure is not that complicated.

List of similar companies

It is in human nature to look for other applications to raise the odds of finding a partner or otherwise look for an alternative from a previous application. There are other varieties of Muslim dating apps to try out:

● Lovehabibi
● BuzzArab
●Arab Lounge
● Zoosk