Children spend most of their time online with their cellphone or their home computer. As a parent, you will be concerned about their online activities; and that is where Bark comes in. Bark is an institution that monitors your child’s online activities. To further keep them safe online, they filter out websites they deem harmful. In case they notice anything peculiar, Bark will inform a parent early enough and the parent will do whatever they can to prevent their child from meeting sexual predators or cyberbullying. If this idea appeals to you, you can find the requirements below needed to subscribe to their services.


All one needs to do is to register on their website: Next, you will choose one of the two packages that appeal to you:

  • Bark Premium- $14 monthly or $99 annually.
  • Bark Jr- $5 per month or $49 annually.

When you choose Bark Premium, you will be given a one-week free trial and get charged thereafter. The mode of payment for the services is through a debit card.

Unsubscribing from Bark

There are many reasons why you may cancel Bark e.g. your child becoming an adult or you have found a cheaper alternative. Whatever the reason, terminating your account is an easy step to do. To cancel your account, log onto your Bark account and look for account settings on the top right menu. Scroll down to cancel my account and you will be notified immediately about your termination. There is a section that asks you the reason for unsubscribing, but the section is optional.

Platforms similar to Bark

There are countless monitoring applications out there, but here are six applications below to get you started:

  • Qustodio
  • KidLogger
  • Spyrix Free Keylogger
  • Open DNS Family Shield
  • Net Nanny
  • Kaspersky