Algolia is among the best search and discovery platforms that enable organisations and businesses to have a powerful and unique search capability for the products by customers. Since Algolia has a multi-platform, instantaneous and typo-tolerant feature, clients can use the search API, search analytics, pre-built UI libraries and visual editor to have a fantastic experience.

Normally, it has been stressful and difficult for researchers to get the correct information from apps and websites. Through Algolia, users can experience better relevance for each search, enjoy reduced search friction, improve UX for site visitors and many more. However, it is possible for subscribers who wish to unsubscribe from Algolia to carry out the process successfully.

How to unsubscribe from Algolia

It is possible to unsubscribe from Algolia through a public or private request depending on the account holder. Users cancelling through the user operation can use the following procedure to unsubscribe.

  • Go to the sites dashboard and log in to your account.
  • click on cancel this request to begin the process. The subscriber will not be claimed for an explanation on the canceling request.
  • An API request is made to facilitate the process.
  • Test if the request is still running. It should be true if it’s completed or false if it’s still running.
  • Test if the subscription is canceled or not. The process will be true if it’s canceled or false if otherwise.

You should ensure to have a strong network for a smooth process.

Documents required when unsubscribing from Algolia and details of the company

Required documents

  • Personal data of the client
  • User ID
  • API key

Company details

Principal office
301 Howard St, 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA 94105(USA)

Alternatives to Algolia

You can also get the services from other Algolia’s competitors who also offer the best services to clients. A researcher can get the best search experience from platforms like;

  • Hawksearch
  • Lucidworks fusion
  • Swiftype
  • Searchspring
  • Yext