Gym On London is a fitness centre located along 2 Chatfield Road, SW11 3SD, London. It specialises in whole-body wellness which also includes the mind. Yoga, boxing and personal coaching also form part of the service offered at the Gym. There are high tech equipment for full-body training. The training area is big enough to house a coffee bar and restroom for post-training refreshment.

Physical exercise is an essential part in body metabolism and helps shed off excessive fats. It not only keeps the body in shape but also prevents the body from contracting opportunistic diseases. There are personal training packages with customised exercise to speed up results. To understand more about this fitness and wellness centre, sign up and learn more.

Benefits of Gym On London

High tech training equipment for whole body workout. It also has well-versed gym instructors who understand their craft.

Competitive pricing comparing prices from other gymnasiums, the services rendered exceed expectations.

● A full-body wellness centre comprising physical and mental training. Gym on London also has boxing, beauty treatment and strength and conditioning as part of the product.

● It has a coffee bar which also serves as a networking area for clients and instructors.

Great location, which is easily accessible from the main road.

Required Documents/Personal Details When signing up to Gym On London

There is an online registration portal find on the top right corner of the Gym On London website. It requests customers to provide the following details:

Personal details – full names and date of births as they appear on identification documents.

Personal contact information – email address and phone numbers.

Payment method – billing information, coupon and permission to invoice.

A training schedule based on your availability and the package offered.

How to Unsubscribe to Gym On London Platform

Call on the customer service team by emailing them through [email protected] explaining the desire to leave the Gym On London. They will initiate the withdrawal process. If you have any pending invoice or excess in your account, leave the credit card in the system to facilitate the transaction.

If the minimum conditions unsubscribing conditions are met, the customer can leave. However, the annual membership subscription is non-refundable and will run until the anniversary date.

Unsubscribing due to injury, illness, relocations and bankruptcy are readily accepted, as long as there is proof.

After leaving, Gym On London will not use any of the member’s details on any promotions or vents, thanks to the privacy policy.

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