Bupa Healthcare is one of the most revered health insurance companies, one of the biggest giants on the global platform.

Serving over 33 million customers across the world, Bupa is headquartered in London, UK, with a revenue of 12.32 billion GBP. The company offers various insurance plans, including major medical global health plan, select global health plan, premier global health plan and elite global health plan.

While it may be the most trusted company world over, customers may need to terminate their contract for reasons best known to them.

How to Cancel Bupa Insurance Policy

Bupa allows its customers to cancel their plan through an online cancellation form. Should you feel unsatisfied with your cover, you could choose to switch policies, cancel the existing policy or switch to a new health insurance provider.

As soon as a member cancels their Cover, Bupa forwards their clearance certificate to the new health fund if they choose to switch to another provider. With Bupa, customers are also allowed to cancel their plan via phone 0345 608 0898 or 0345 609 0111.

Note, after the start of the cover, the plan can be terminated within 21 days, to which the clientis entitled to a full refund as long as a claim has been made. Data and documentation must be provided, indicating a solid reason for the termination of the policy.

Documents Needed for Cancellation

● The policy holder’s personal data
● The number of the plan
● Policy holder’s identification
● The expiry date of the insurance cover

Company details

Bupa can be contacted on Live chat or via phone, 0345 608 0898. Alternatively, customers are requested to fill the provided enquiry form.

Alternatives to Bupa Healthcare

The health insurance industry is afloat with plenty of competitors. Should you wish to terminate your contract with Bupa, here are some of the insurers you can rely on.

● Aviva

● Axa PPP

● CS Healthcare

● The Exeter

● Saga