Telegraph Dating is a popular online dating platform with thousands of users. Telegraph dating features one of the oldest and best-known mature dating communities. Initially, it was known as Kindred Spirits before changing its name to Telegraph Dating. It features an intelligent two-way matching feature that helps you find your best match.

Telegraph dating guarantees members a safe, secure and anonymous way of finding and communicating with people of their choice. To keep your name anonymous, all you have to do is choose a username or screen name of your choice. However, you still have to set up a profile describing yourself and the type of relationship you are looking for. This information will be used to match you to your ideal potential partner.

Benefits of having this subscription

Before you consider cancelling Telegraph Dating entirely, you should consider the online dating app or platform’s following benefits:

● Telegraph dating is one of the safest and most secure online dating platforms, with settings put in place to ensure these elements.

● The platform features a matching algorithm that helps connect people to their best matches

● You can subscribe to a monthly subscription, three-month subscription, or an annual subscription

● If you do not want to renew a subscription, you can cancel it before the automatic renewal period arrives. Doing this will not keep you from enjoying the features you have paid for before the subscription period lapses. When you do this, you can renew or not renew the subscription depending on your needs.

How to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe to the paid services on the platform by cancelling automatic renewal with the following steps;

● Log into your account
● Click on the profile
● Go to the subscription status page
● Click cancel automatic renewal and confirm the move on the on-screen prompt

If you decide to cancel your automatic renewal, you have to do it at least 48 hours before your next renewal date. Note that you can choose to renew your subscription at a later choice. You can also choose to cancel your Telegraph Dating entirely by deleting your profile. Doing this will wipe off all your information and access to the platform. Your profile will also no longer appear on the platform.

Required personal details and all contact details of the company

The best thing about Telegraph dating is that you do not need to jump through hoops to cancel a subscription or delete your account. However, you will require basic information like your login details. You will need your username, email address and password. This information is used to authenticate your identity before you are allowed to cancel or delete an account.

Contact details

You can contact the company by leaving a message in the FAQs section on the official Telegraph Dating website. You can also fill the contact form available on the site.

List of similar companies to subscribe to

The internet is swarmed with hundreds of international and national online dating platforms that you can use as an alternative to Telegraph Dating. Some of them are:

● Bumble
● Tinder
● Christian Mingle
● Zook