In 1989, from humble beginnings, Crunch Fitness began in a modest basement studio as a single small gym in Greenwich Village, New York. It started as a welcoming spot for a diverse community of people who wanted to get fit. They are best known for their challenging training and group fitness programs, as well as colourful personality. Crunch Fitness offers various membership options void of long-term commitments.

With top-of-the-range cardio and strength equipment in the industry, there are more than two hundred and fifty Crunch Fitness locations across twenty-four states in the US. They have over five hundred thousand members and recently expanded into Australian borders.

How to Cancel USA Crunch Fitness

”Pay as You Go” membership can be cancelled by notifying Crunch Fitness in person at the individual’s registered Home Club. One is required to complete and sign a Termination Form. Upon submission, a copy of this form is given to the member requesting cancellation for their personal records.

After one year of membership, one can cancel their engagement with Crunch Gym. Suppose the subscription termination is required before the end of the billing year. In that case, there are administrative costs incurred for premature cancellation, which are $200.

Documents Needed to Request a Cancellation and Contact Details

A cancellation request requires a signed Termination Form indicating the member’s personal details and membership number.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: Customer Service: (678) 273-3610

Physical Location (HQ): New York,USA.

Postal Address: Crunch LLC, P.O. Box 1918, Old Chelsea Station, NY 10011.

Alternatives to USA Crunch Fitness

Fitness centres attract members by their facilities, equipment, programs, and membership packages. When seeking an alternative, these are factors to consider. Some of the top competitors include:

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  • California Family Fitness
  • EOS Fitness
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