Medical Emergency Relief International, also known as Merlin, is a company that specializes in health, saving lives when a crisis occurs and helping people rebuild shattered health services. Its primary focus is on making long-term improvements to healthcare, particularly in fragile states. It also takes pride in the provision of dental, medical, and humanitarian aid, among other services deemed necessary for the advantage of needy people.

Merlin networks with several other agencies to help bring its vision to life. Like with most charities, Merlin allows people to contribute to their course. You can do this by either becoming a member or a sponsor. As a sponsor, you donate money or essentials like medical supplies to the charity. On the other hand, as a member, you get to attend events and partake in Merlin’s activities. Here, you will be volunteering your services.

How to cancel Merlin (Medical Emergency Relief International)

To cancel your membership to Merlin, all you have to do is contact the organization and notify them of your decision. Note that membership to Merlin is mainly based on volunteering. Therefore, you are free to cancel or stop being a member at any time you wish. The organization encourages clients to maintain membership. However, they do not feature mandatory charges and would not make cancellation difficult.

Note that you do not have to be a member to participate in the Medical Emergency Relief International activities. You can volunteer or sponsor an event at will. You can even choose to do it anonymously.

Documents you need to cancel Merlin

All you need is your proof of identity, which can be your ID, passport, or driver’s license.

Contact details of the company

Medical Relief International
Physical address – 3 N 78th Avenue
Postal address – Yakima, WA 989 08
Email address – [email protected]
Phone number – 260-189-2551

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