My Billie begun with a razor and that changed everything. They noticed that most women were spending more on razors and were being body shamed for having hairy bodies. They got rid of the pink tax and instead replaced it with body hair.

At the moment, My Billie produces a variety of sparkling clean collection that comprises of better-quality beauty basics meant for women’s medicine cabinet as well as a desk drawer, gym bag and handbag. Incorporated by ingredients that do not cause any harm, My Billie has been working tirelessly to get rid of the guesswork out of the clean.

However, besides having achieved many milestones in their line of work, clients may want to cancel their subscription from My Billie for several reasons.

Required documents/personal details for cancellation and contact details of the company

Required documents for cancellation

Members who wish to cancel their subscription from My Billie need to have a My Billie account.

Contact details of the company

How to unsubscribe from My Billie

The first method through which customers can cancel their subscription from My Billie is by sending an email. The company provides a specific email address through which customers can cancel their subscriptions before expiry to avoid renewal. The email through which customers can send their cancellation requests is: [email protected]. Customers will have to provide their account details and their subscription plan.

The second method through which members can cancel their subscription from My Billie is through the company’s website. Go to the company’s website and sign in to your account. Next you should click on the subscriptions tab and select cancel subscription.

Alternative companies to subscribe to

The beauty industry is certainly growing and there is stiff competition in the industry. Below are some alternative companies that customers can subscribe to.

  • ShaveMOB
  • Bevel
  • Italic