Robin Hood Energy is an energy company that is a not-for-profit company situated in the United Kingdom. The company turned out to be a major competitor to the other energy companies in the country at that particular time. The company’s main aim is to provide energy at a low price to its consumers, unlike what other energy companies do. Gas and electricity were mainly supplied countrywide to homes and businesses too. Due to the many benefits that the company offers to its consumers, it was ranked as the country’s second-best energy company.

Some of the benefits include; awarding the elderly warm home discount schemes, which help fuel their bills during winter. This privilege is usually afforded by energy companies with up to two hundred and fifty customers. At this particular time, Robin Hood energy only had half a number of these consumers. The energy company closed down due to failure to settle their debts at Ofgem, which is the industry regulator. The company lost its license and that is how it went down the drain.

Benefits of having this Contract

As a consumer, there are benefits that you stand to enjoy by signing a contract with Robin Hood Energy Company. The company understands that consumers may face different challenges during the time they will be consuming the energy. The company offers a few privileges to its consumers in the following ways:

● A customer can easily cancel the contract with the company since they are not restricted in any way.

No exit fee is charged.

● The company provides help to customers who have a hard time paying their bills by providing various ways that they can use.

● The company provides a pay-as-you-go meter to consumers who struggle in making regular payments.

How to Unsubscribe, all the Cancellation Procedures Available


Robin Hood Energy is a big supplier of gas and electricity nationwide. You sign a contract with the energy company stating that you either have a home or a property to which they will be supplying energy. It is easier for a consumer to cancel their contract with the energy company. They are given fourteen days from the day the contract was made to cancel the contract.

There are various ways to contact the response team from the company when you need to cancel the contract. It can be done through writing to the company, calling their telephone numbers and sending them an email.

Required Documents / Personal Details and All


A customer needs to have the following official documents to sign a contract with the company.


1. Personal Information of the Customer


This includes the name, date of birth, age and physical address of the customer.


2. ID of the customer


The customer’s national Identification Card makes it easy for the company to trace the customer in case of anything.

List of Similar Companies to Subscribe to

Due to the misfortune that befell Robin Hood Energy Company, it was forced to transfer its customer to another energy supply company like British Gas. For customers who did not wish to use energy from British Gas had other options like: 


● British Gas

● EDF Energy

● Scottish Power

● OVO Energy