Tragedy does not always give a warning when it comes to knocking at the door. However, it inevitably comes in our lives. When this happens, it will be responsible for securing your medical and life insurance. You have to be a member of a rescue group that will help you in coping. One such incredible organization that will help you when it happens is The International Rescue Committee because it is one of the biggest and well-known names in the world.

The international rescue committee offers protection financially when the unexpected happens. In the case that tragedy occurs, you have a guarantee that a team of trusted experts will come to your rescue and protection.

How to unsubscribe

You may further want to halt the service from the company. It is easier to do so as the company provides simple terms and conditions in the contract. With this, you can get out of a contract without being looted any money.

You can unsubscribe from the company services by terminating your membership. You can do so by contacting the customer service, who will take you through the entire process.

Required documents

The International Rescue Committee works more like an insurance company. For effective service, you need to give details that will enable them to reach you with ease. Inclusive of the required document is the contact information, employment and the country currently located.

List of similar companies

Sometimes, services from a single company can be limited to the preferences that you expect. Even though there is an option you can take. It may include joining the following companies:

● Oxfam

● World Relief

● Care International