Covéa is one of the best intermediatory insurance companies in the UK that was founded in 2012. At Covéa insurance company, they advise their clients to contact their provider directly.

Covéa is well known for being a reliable insurance company on the lead in the UK. Covéa covers many insurance types like accident protection, motor protection, life insurance, and critical illness.

Covea Insurance Cancelation Procedure

Like all other insurance companies, Covéa has cancellation policies. Anyone can cancel their contract at any given time, but their refund may vary. In case you cancel within the first fourteen days of the cover or before, you will receive a full refund for the days left days. But if you cancel after those fourteen days, then you will not receive any refund.

You will not be fined any cancellation fee within the fourteen days into your cover; after those fourteen days, you must pay a penalty of 26.50 euros.

Call Covéa on 01422 331166 and speak to one of their customer service agents to walk you through your cancellation.

There is also another option of sending them an email to their email address, [email protected].

Suppose you prefer the old school way you can send them a letter to their office.

Documents Required to Cancel Covea Insurance

Like any other cancelation process you need to have documentations for it to follow through. These documents include:

● Number of the policy

● ID of the policy holder

● Personal data of the policy holder

● Expiry date of the insurance contract


Telephone: 01422 331166
Email: [email protected]
Address:Norman PI RG1 8DA, UK

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