Workouts have been a huge part of people’s daily routine. It has included taking frequent visits to the gym. However, since the pandemic, gyms have been closed hence making people to diverse new ways to do a workout. The use of body groove has come in handy.

Body Groove is a five minute video routine that involves dancing. Each of these dance moves are perfect for your body fitness. The best thing about such dance moves is that they excite and make you feel comfortable to go through the day.

What is required to join Body Groove

Since the pandemic, staying at home can be productive through dance workouts. However, you need to have a subscription account. Here are some of the details needed:

  • Contact information
  • Number of sessions in a week
  • Payment details
  • Trainer preferences

How to cancel subscription on Body Groove

As much as Body Groove are dance classes, the fun can change or you can decide to choose a better workout. With this in mind, you can close an account. Here is how you can do it.

  • You can call on the customer care who will take you through the procedure step by step
  • On the online service, you can decide and decline their services


Sometimes dancing is the best workouts and many people have embraced it since the 80’s during the funky period. More so, these practices have improved health and fitness of people. Although these activities many vary from one account to the other. Other platforms include wellness living, club ready and zen planner. All these are dance studios that will make a difference in anyone’s health life.