Powershop is an online electricity retailer. The company has its headquarters in New Zealand. It has its branches in Australia and UK. Apart from electricity, clients may also get other sources of energy like solar and gas.

You can pay for your electricity via the website or their mobile app. A client will first need to identify a custom energy plan that suits them. Once they have identified a plan, they then purchase it. Following the brief introduction about the company, we can explain below the benefits of being subscribed to them.

Benefits of having this subscription

Flexible payment methods such as direct debit, credit card, and BPAY.
• Their mobile app allows you to track your electricity usage which enables you to pay on time before the electricity is cut off.
• New South Wales residents get free smart meters.
• Availability of several energy plans to choose from based on your budget.
• You can get a refund within 48 hours if you change your mind about your subscription. Additionally, you do not have to give a reason why you have opted out of their service.
• Clients are provided with carbon-neutral power which in turn saves the environment from air pollution.
• Their services also benefit those who are medically dependent. Some patients rely on electricity to survive in the event of a coma. Backup electricity will be arranged immediately.

How to unsubscribe

After a while, the client feels Powershop is unsuitable for them for various reasons. Thankfully, they are allowed to cancel their subscription. Here are some of the ways you can end your contract with them:
Calling their toll number 0800 009 3719 at no cost.
• You may also write to Powershop Cancellation, 5th Floor, 125 Colmore Row, and Birmingham, B3 3SD, United Kingdom.
• You can download a cancellation form from their online platform and fill it. Once filled, you can email it to them.
• Still, you may send an email to [email protected] asking them to terminate your subscription.

Depending on the lines of communication you have used, you will be notified via a phone call that your subscription has been cancelled.

Required documents/personal details and all contact details of the company

You first begin by joining the company online by signing up or by calling their hotline number. The only details they require from the client are their physical address, email address, and payment details. After you have confirmed the details are correct, the company then takes care of everything else to ensure you receive their services sooner.

List of similar companies you can subscribe to

After cancelling your subscription, you may be wondering what other energy companies you can join. Here are some of the other companies you can join:
• Mojo Power.
• Enova energy.
• Energy Locals.
• Diamond Energy.
• Origin.

These companies are just the tip of the iceberg. You can research more alternatives online. In conclusion, Powershop is an easy company to join and also opt out of. There are no tedious procedures involved.