Engie is among the largest and leading companies in energy and service. This company mainly focuses on three main activities: generation and supply of low carbon electricity, customer solution, and creating energy infrastructures.

Furthermore, the company designs, construct and run power generating plant which produces energy from natural gas and renewable products. This company is committed to accelerating the transition towards a carbon-free world by innovating more environmental-friendly solutions to their clients.

The benefits of having this subscription

There are many benefits that clients who have a contract with Engie enjoy. Some of these benefits include:

Flexible contracts
Engie offers flexible electricity and natural gas contracts to their clients who have different packages. As a result, it becomes easy for the clients to manage their energy in the best way possible. Also, unlike other energy companies that don’t give their clients price options, this company provides its customers with a chance to purchase their energy at the best prevailing market price.

When you consult professionals at Engie, they will inform you of all the technical regulations, cost, and other relative documentation required with ease. This action saves your time.

Better prices
Depending on the type of contract you select, Engie offers fixed contracts that can be predictable if you are budget cautious. Their prices are not single fixed, and that’s why their client can enjoy better prices at the current prevailing market.

Flexible products
Engie offers a range of flexible products in energy and gas supply. Therefore, their expert can forecast the ideal energy consumption to their clients and advise appropriately depending on the business’s size.

Engie offers all their clients a right to cancel services with the company at any given time. Either during the contract or post-term. If a client decides to cancel during the contract term, they will be subject to pay an early termination fee. However, post-term service termination is not subject to any penalty or fee. In either way, the process is fast and straightforward. To cancel a contract entails the following;

● The client first notifies Engie of their intention to unsubscribe
● Then within two business days of the request, Engie notifies the utility
● Lastly, the utility processes the cancellation.

There are several ways you can notify Engie when you want to cancel your contract. You can reach out to the company by filling in your name, email address, and a message on your request on the online customer form, and the customer advisor will get back to you. You can also consult about the process by calling Engie customer service line on 0800 280 8000. And in case you are cancelling the services since you are moving out of your home, you will have to terminate your Residential Supply Agreement by completing and returning the moving out form.

Required documents/personal details and all contact details of the company

To improve its service delivery, Engie collects limited data on every visitor who tours their website. The collected data is filled online by the visitor via contact forms or extranet platforms. The representative biodata, identification number, phone number and email address are collected during the registration of a company or business entity.

Furthermore, any relevant data for any communication with your company, such as email address and office phone number, is recorded. The data collected is only used to fulfil the legal and statutory obligation.

List of similar companies to subscribe to

There several Engie competitors you can subscribe to for energy solution. These companies are:

● Synergy

● Contact Energy


● Octopus Energy

● Ergon Energy

● Energy Australia

● K-Electricity.