Almost everyone knows that is one of the largest privately-owned online companies in the USA. So far, Ancestry has sold over 18 million DNA kits, offers access to over 10 billion historical records and has more than 3 million global subscribers. LLC focuses on direct-to-consumer genealogical DNA tests. Here, consumers present their DNA samples to the company, which then analyses it with DNA sequences. This data is used to infer family relations with other users of the company to give an ethnicity estimate. However, for personal reasons, you may wish to cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Ancestry Subscription

It is possible to cancel your Ancestry subscription in various ways. First, if you purchased your membership via Google Play, Amazon or Apple iTunes, you will still need to cancel through the same platforms. Here is the process to follow:

1. At the top right of the Ancestry page, select your account and click on your username.

2. Cancel membership on the membership section. If you do not see a link to cancel membership, it means your account does not have an affiliation. If there are charges, there are chances that you have another account. Contact our support to find out the account you are being billed on.

3. Select your cancelation reasons at the bottom of the page.

4. Continue to cancel at the bottom of the next page.

Note, if you cancel your subscription before the end of the agreed upon period, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Documents Needed to Request a Cancellation and Contact Details

  • Personal data of the member
  • ID
  • An indication of the membership expiry

If you are an EU or a UK subscriber, the platform allows you to cancel your subscription by filling a contact form provided on their page.

Company Details

Phone: 1-800-401-3193 (toll free)
Address: Lehi, Utah, United States

Alternatives to Ancestry

If you are still interested in knowing your family background but for personal reasons have to unsubscribe from Ancestry, there are other similar service providers you can rely on. Some of the best competitors to Ancestry include:

  • 23 And Me
  • My Heritage
  • FindMypast
  • Mocavo
  • We Relate