Ageas is an international insurer who specialises in car and house insurances. It has a branch in the United Kingdom at the Hampshire Corporate Park. Their clarion call is simplifying insurance and making it accessible all year round. Ageas has a customer base of about 5 million people and businesses spread out in the United Kingdom. Call on them any day anytime and they will respond to your claims.

Ageas Car Insurance starts from £185 while the home insurance goes as low as £20%. There is also Pet Insurance where subscriptions vary based on the type of pet. To get more in Ageas products, reach out to their customer experience team.

Documents and personal details needed by Ageas

● Identification documents like passport, identity card and policy number. They are helpful when signing in.
● Personal information like names, date of birth, email address and postcode.
● When claiming compensation, you must fill the claims form and attach all the required details for processing.
● In the case of Pet Insurance, fill in their details.

How to unsubscribe from Ageas

● Write a message to the support staff through the website messaging system, explaining why you want to cancel your insurance membership.
● They will compile the user information, which includes claims, subscriptions and any administrative issues.
● If you have everything in check, they will delete your details from the system.
● In case you are not satisfied with the procedure, reach out to the Financial Ombudsman Service for further action.

List of other insurance companies

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