USAAEP is a company that is based in Columbus, Ohio. The company delivers electricity to at least five million Americans. Most of the electricity they generate comes from renewable energy sources like the wind and the sun. As a result, the client is guaranteed a continuous supply of electricity to their homes. Apart from generating electricity, the company is also in charge of a large transmission system which is about 40,000 miles long.

Documents required to join USA – AEP

Subscribing to their services is done by forming an account online on their platform. You will be required to register with your email address and thereby fill their online form. In the form, you will provide details such as your name, residential area, what kind of energy plan you will purchase, the type of renewable energy, payment method, and so on. Once you fill in all the details, you will receive an email alert once your account is active. The account will be activated once you pay a cash deposit. The amount differs depending on the amount of heat you receive in an area, for instance.

How to terminate your subscription with USA – AEP

Ending your energy subscription is conducted over the phone. Call the customer representatives on this number 800-277-2177. Next, an agent will ask you to provide them with your account number and other details about you. Once the call is over, you will receive a notice of your termination via email or a confirmation letter.

Companies similar to USA – AEP

Sometimes after canceling your subscription, you are left wondering which institutions to turn to. You need not worry, as you can subscribe to energy plans from these companies:

• Center Point Energy
• Dominion Energy
• Southern Company
• Duke Energy
• Dynegy
• Next Era Energy
• Entergy
• Exelon