SO Energy supply company is all about ensuring that our clients get the best out of energy. No one likes terrible occurrences when it comes to energy suppliers. At SO Energy, they aim to guarantee that no one experiences hiccups with their energy supply. They have top-notch professional customer care services and one of the best-recommended energy suppliers.

Benefits of SO Energy

● At SO Energy supply company, they only have one tariff rate that is. This fixed rate will help customers choose without tiring
● SO Energy company is a terrific company with great services that come with great affordable prices. They offer great renewal deals, and their customer services team are always available to answer any questions their clients may have
● SO Energy company treats their clients justly offer services that are simple, clear, and at a great price; this is to say that they make and carry out all their plans with the knowledge of their clients, meaning they value transparency
● If you are unhappy with their services, they have a complaints code of practice; through this complaints code of practice, their customers can know how they handle their complaints.

What You Need to Have Before Canceling SO Energy Services

Anyone can cancel their contract with SO Energy company. You ought to read through their terms and conditions before deciding to cancel your subscription to ensure that you do not violate any of their policies.
SO Energy cancellation comes at no cost fourteen days before their acceptance of your cancellation. Ensure you give SO Energy company twenty-eight days prior notice before filling your cancellation report. To cancel your subscription with SO Energy company, you can do it over an email or give them a call.
You should not cancel your debit card before finalising your final balance, thus avoiding a late payment fee. For a customer to cancel their subscription, he/she can choose to file a complaint first and to do that; they have to contact SO Energy customer service agent, who will follow the right procedure as described below;
● STEP ONE; SO Energy agent will strive to resolve your problem if it is solvable
● STEP TWO; SO Energy agent will try to advise you accordingly
● STEP THREE; If they are unable to solve your issue, then you are free to issue a cancellation notice.

List of Other Companies Offering Energy Supply Services

Customers may choose to cancel from SO Energy which is their right and they can choose another energy supply company of the same status as SO Energy. Ensure to do a complete online search about the energy supply company you want to venture next. There are several competitive companies in energy supply sector to choose from like;
● Phoenix Energy
● SSE plc
● Full power utilities
● Integrated utilities
● Gazprom Energy