So, you’ve decided that Bluehost is not the right hosting service for your website. Maybe they have a poor customer support team, or their prices are too high, but most likely, it’s because of a combination of these factors. Whatever the reason may be, today, we’ll show you how to unsubscribe from them and move on to a different host!

  • Head to the Bluehost website via your browser. Once you’re on their homepage, look for a button that says “Unsubscribe” in green letters near the top of the page. (You may have to scroll down a bit.)
  • Click on this link and then follow through with any prompts necessary until you’ve officially unsubscribed from the service.
  • If you are a Bluehost customer who has been using their backup services, you’ll want to export your MySQL database before removing them from your account. This will ensure that all of your data is available if something goes wrong when unpairing with the company.

Similar companies to subscribe

  • Now it’s time to choose another hosting service provider! Check out our article on “The Best Hosting Companies” to find one that will suit your needs.
  • Once you’ve chosen a new provider, login and go through the setup process as normal. Ignore any prompts from Bluehost asking if you want to come back or telling you about their services. They are not worth it!
  • If you had a domain name registered with Bluehost, go through the process of transferring it to your new hosting company. This is usually just as easy as following their instructions online and paying for an extra year’s registration in advance.

Other similar services you can register with include Hostgator, Dream Host, Site Ground, and

If you had any databases or email accounts registered with Bluehost, remember to log in and delete them for your new hosting company. This is usually as easy as logging in through the cPanel interface and deleting everything from there.