Spotify is an audio streaming company, originally from Sweden, but covers the world. It has a significant following worldwide, making it one of the world’s largest media service providers. Spotify copyrights the music and podcasts and offers free and paid service to its 356 million customers worldwide. With over 70 million songs and podcasts available online and offline, the service runs on computers, tablets and phones.

In the United States, Spotify has physical offices at the 4 World Trade Centre in New York. In Europe, there are satellite offices in Belgium, Canada, Spain, Denmark, India, Germany, and the Netherlands, among others.

Required Documents and Personal Details to Use Spotify

• Email address for general and marketing information
• Phone number for personalised communication
• Credit or debit card for payments

How to Unsubscribe to Spotify

Spotify listeners can either have a free or paid subscription. The paid subscription allows listeners to access premium audio streaming services. The listener can set auto-renew every payment cycle to facilitate the service.

However, once they stop the subscription, the service automatically moves to the free service. Usage is on-demand, and the listener can disassociate at any time. Once you unsubscribe, your subscription ends on the date assigned on the terms of service.

The customer can unsubscribe to Spotify using the following process.
• Reach out to customer support through the form on the page, and request to terminate the service.
• The customer representative will process the application, process any payments, or advise you to delink the card from the system. If you had an active subscription, Spotify does not refund any monies spend on subscriptions.
Spotify customer support will send you an email confirming the termination of the agreement.

List of Similar Companies to subscribe to

• Apple Music
• Tidal
• Saavn
• YouTube Music
• LiveXLive
• SoundCloud
• Deezer
• Pandora Radio
• Amazon Prime Music