British Gas stands among the leading and the oldest energy suppliers in the UK. It is committed to ensuring the energy requirements of its customers are met irrespective of how vast they may be. So, if a firm is looking for ways to buy and manage their electricity effectively or an individual looking for an energy provider for their home needs, they deliver. It is dedicated to ensuring that its customers’ needs are prioritized and that everyone receives fair treatment.

They have laid down principles that they follow each day to do the right thing. Apart from offering gas and electricity services, they also create awareness of putting the energy efficiently and adequately. You can seek the following professional services: energy supply, electricity supply, renewable gas and energy, electric vehicle charging, wireless electricity monitoring, energy management systems, smart meters, boilers and maintenance plans, and gas supply.

Benefits of British Gas Subscription

• Accuracy in bills. You get to pay for energy used without overcharge. The company uses smart meters that ensure accurate energy measurements.
• Customers with loyalty cards can enjoy free energy gifts. There are other discounts, giveaways, prize draws, and treats to all loyal customers.
• It is convenient. There are multiple tariffs to choose from. Customers can enjoy online switching of tariffs in a 24-hour process.
• Their new Free Time smart meter tariff offers free electricity on Sundays and Saturdays.

Important Details

All the customers and those who want to switch to British Gas Company can find helpful information below;

About the Company;

Email address: [email protected]
Online form for inquiries:
•  For moving home call 0800 048 0303
•  For Pay As You Go inquiries, call 0800 048 0303
•  For home energy top-up, call 0800 107 0188
•  The company’s lines are available from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and Saturdays, 8 am to 6 pm.
•  Contact them also through Facebook or Twitter.

Personal details

Your contact details and other associated persons to your account are required to help the company deliver its services effectively. Such details include;

• Name, email addresses, and telephone numbers
• Location information
• A copy of your statutory rights under Data Protection Law
• Device and machine information
• Responses to survey

How to Unsubscribe From British Gas

1. Cancelling the Direct Debit

You can call the company to cancel your direct debit. Also, they can set another way for you to pay. However, you will lose your Direct Debit discount subjecting you to higher pay.
Use your bank or building society to cancel it on your own.
If you consider cancelling your Direct Debit when you have a debt with the company, you can only pay back within the first four weeks of cancellation. You can also pay online.

2. When leaving for another supplier

The company sends the final bill. They will refund any credit or make a one-off payment if you owe them.

Similar Companies to Consider

There are other energy companies to consider, and they include the following;

• EDF Energy
• Npower
• Powergen
• Total gas and power
• Ovo energy