Blue Mountain is a community of writers, artists, marketing, technology and musicians, professionals focused on offering creative and fun card designs for an engaging site experience. The company produces authentic templates for digital and printable gift cards for every occasion.

While the company is committed to helping you connect with loved ones in an authentic and artistic way, you may need to cancel your subscription for reasons best known to you.

How to Cancel your Blue Mountain Subscription

Should you decide to discontinue your subscription, the company allows you to do so in various ways. The first cancellation method is via email the other online and the other is through phone calls.

Via Email

Send you cancelation request to [email protected]. Include the expiry date and your personal data and ask them to delete your account. Ensure that your username and the password of the account are included in the message. The support team will then send you an email, confirming that your account has been successfully deactivated.

Deactivate Online

Log into the Blue Mountain page and then sign into your account with your email address and your password. Click on My Account, then scroll down to the subscription profile and deactivate. Remember to choose the membership you wish to cancel and pick their offer of sending you a confirmation email of deactivation. Once you receive their email, it means your account has been removed.

Documents Needed to Request Cancelation and Contact Details

• The ID of the account holder
• Personal data
• An indication of the expiry date of the subscription

Via Phone

Call Blue Mountain’s support team at 1-888-254-1450. Explain why you wish to cancel your subscription and follow the given instructions.

Company Details

Email Address: [email protected]
Address: Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Alternatives to Blue Mountain

The world of personalized templates is awash with competition. If you have unsubscribed from Blue Mountain and are looking for another online company to rely on, there will be something in store for you. The biggest competitors to Blue Mountain include: