Arcadia Power is the first national residential green energy platform whose focus is to enable users to invest in renewable energy. Subscribers are required to connect their utility accounts to the company for access to low power bills and green energy.

Required Details for Cancelation

Arcadia allows its users to cancel their membership at any time without any cancelation fee. If you are willing to discontinue for personal reasons, there are several requirements needed to complete the process.

  • You must be the legit owner of the account
  • Personal data
  • ID

How to Cancel Arcadia Membership

It is possible to cancel your membership with the company in various ways. One is by email and the other is via phone. The company provides a specific email address for the process for customers who wish to cancel up to three business days prior to the next date of processing.


If you wish to send your cancellation request via email, follow this structure:

  • Use ‘’cancel my account’’ as the subject line
  • Include details linked to your account
  • Forward your email to [email protected]

Via Phone

Arcadia’s customer service can also be reached via phone for the cancellation process. Contact 1 (866) 526-0083 only on business days. The customer care department will guide you on how to cancel your subscription.

Company Details

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone: (866) 526-0083

Address: 1121 14th St NW, Fl 3, Washington, District of Colombia

Alternative Companies to Subscribe to

The green energy market in the USA is not lacking in competition. For customers willing to unsubscribe from Arcadia to rely on another clean energy company, it is advisable to do a thorough online vetting. The company you choose must have excellent risk management, friendly user-management portfolio, valid coverage, credibility and must not be excessively expensive. The main competitors of Arcadia Power include:

  • SunCommon
  • Bulb Energy
  • Bolder Industries
  • Sun Light & power