Chubb European Group is a global leader in publicly traded property and casualty insurance. Serving 54 countries and territories, Chubb offers property, casualty, health and auto insurance services.

The company also provides insurance product against financial liabilities, including crime and fidelity, fund management, credit and employment practices.

However, like any other insurance, you may want to terminate your contract for unique reasons.

Required Details for Cancellation

Chubb European Group contract can be easily terminated. To do so, you are requested to make a termination request before the expiry of the contract.

A month’s notice is required. Note that you will be needed to provide a solid reason for your inability to cover your insurance, such as the need to seek services from a different company. You will then be asked to present supporting documents.

Chubb Insurance company gives clients an email address in which they can send their cancellation request. Alternatively, customers can also choose to fill the provided cancellation form.


The cancellation email is [email protected]. Clients are advised to indicate the number of the policy, as well as, the expiry date.

Postal Email

Customers are also allowed to send their cancellation request in the form of a registered letter. The address is as follows:

Chubb European Group
Claims Department
PO Box 682
SO23 5AG
T: 0345 841 0059
F: 0141 285 2901

Documents Needed for the Policy Cancellation:

● Policy holder’s personal data
● Contract number
● Policy holder’s identification

Chubb Insurance Alternatives

While Chubb Insurance dominates the market, there are other competitors in the industry. Should you then choose to terminate your contract with the company, there are other insurers you could rely on.

Be sure to research the company’s history, their financial strength, the power of referrals, available discounts, coverage and the ease of doing business.
Some of the most competent alternatives include:

● Go Secure
● Markel Corporation
● Cincinnati Financial Corporation
● The ONE Group