ABCMouse is an amazing program of digital education whic is adapted for children fron two years old to eight years old.
This program has been created by Age of Learning and it’s really very interesting because it includes many activities: for example reading or music, science, maths and language arts.
So, its popular an its contents can be used online or offline.

What’s exactly Age of Laerning?

Age of Learning is a private company which is interested in education and technology. It has been founded in 2007 by Dough Dohring and nowadays a great team of educators follows many families in an integrated system with three-dimensional support beacuese it’s very important to implementind digital learning all over the world at advantageous prices.

ABCMouse offers different plans of subscription:

  • one family can pay $12.99/month and children can explore focus and content on learning;
  • one family can pay $29.95/every 6-months;
  • one family can pay $59.95/year.

How to unsubscribe

If you desire unsubscribe ABCMouse, you can do it and easily renew your subscription, if you change your mind.
First of all you can go to your Account pannel from your computer or from your mobile app, you must select cancel and follow instructions.Later you’ll receive a confirmation email from ABCMouse, so your subscription has benn cancelled according to your decision.
If you have an Amazon account page, you must visit your subscription page, you can select Actions and choose Turn off auto-renewal.
If instead you have an ITunes account, you can go to Subscriptions and click Off in the auto-renewal section for ABCMouse.
You’ll receive always a confirmation email.

Similar Companies

There are many similar companies to ABCMouse which are very important fro childrens education:

  • Starfall, for example,teaches reading trogh phonics;
  • PBSKids offers contents so kids don’t get bored.