Birchbox is a reputable monthly box subscription company that delivers quality makeup and beauty products.

The company has grown a reputation for its timely delivery and meticulous selection of quality beauty products. It now has over a million and a half subscribers, and the number is growing rapidly. It is a perfect service to have selected beauty products delivered home.

However, any subscriber would consider canceling a Birchbox contract for any reason and maybe pick another beauty box delivery service.

How to Cancel Birchbox Service

You can cancel your Birchbox subscription at any time. However, you will continue receiving boxes until the last date of the current subscription. Therefore, it is important that you cancel the subscription at least a day before the expiry date. Otherwise, all subscriptions auto-renew for an equal period to the current one.

Here is the cancellation procedure.

  1. Log into the Birchbox account
  2. Click your account setting
  3. Under Subscriptions, click cancel subscription

You can pause your subscription for a time if you wish to continue later. Contact customer service at [email protected] for assistance.

Documents Required for Cancelling the Subscription and Company Contacts

You do not need to submit any documents to cancel your subscription. Just log in with your details and complete the process at the Birchbox portal.

Physical Address:

Birchbox Inc.

28 East 28th Street

11th Floor New York,

NY 10016 United States

Alternatives to Birchbox

The market has several firms that deliver box subscriptions of beauty products. Therefore, customers who unsubscribe from Birchbox can find a reliable company for similar deliveries. However, it is important that you do background research of the subscription company to determine its reliability and quality of its products. You should also check the cost of the services versus the value received.

Other companies that deliver subscription boxes of beauty products include:

  • Macy’s Beauty Box
  • Glossybox
  • IPSY