Frontline is a communications company that helps organisation communicate through SMS. They not only offer the medium to pass information, but also advises you on how best to interact with your clients. Although you will manage the whole process, FrontlineSMS will provide technicians to help you get the best from the service. Some of FrontlineSMS notable clients include New York University, CDC, Oxfam, Plan International and John Hopkins University.

Cancelation Procedure on FrontlineSMS

If the client’s account is inactive for more than 12 months, FrontlineSMS will send an email to the client. The email is a formal notification for the intended account termination. If the client doesn’t activate it in the next 6 months, FrontlineSMS will terminate the contract.

Also, if the client doesn’t adhere to the terms and conditions, especially on code of conduct and sending harmful messages, FrontlineSMS will effectively terminate the contract. However, the company will send a showcase letter to that effect.

The client can also initiate service cancellation by mailing FrontlineSMS through [email protected]

Necessary Documents and Agreements to Initiate the Cancelation

Since FrontlineSMS works with companies, unsubscribing entails formal contract termination. The company must provide the following to commence the unsubscribing process:

● The Service Level Agreement the engagement procedure between FrontlineSMS and the client.

Company registration – accredited business operating licence.

● Active SMS bundle subscription

All the details and documents above are on the platform, since the client used them to set up the account. FrontlineSMS only goes through them before initiating the account closure.

Termination of service can either be self-engineered or FrontlineSMS initiated, based on the terms of service. In both cases, FrontlineSMS will notify the client of the intended account closure, and give them ample time to retrieve their data.

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