SSE is a great company known for supplying energy, phone, and broadband to millions of homes in the UK. The company ensures that all customers are happy with their service by partnering with Language Line for the purpose of those speaking other languages. It also caters to those who use braille to make sure everyone understands what the company is all about.

SSE has been able to satisfy millions of customers by making their homes better at great prices. But at times, one may want to cancel their account for various reasons, probably moving to a new energy supplier. Here is what you should know before proceeding.

Benefits of Having SSE Contract

Before you choose to cancel your contract, it is wise to think of the benefits of SSE. Do not just make a rush decision then later regret it because you will have wasted your time and effort. These are a few reasons why you should stay with SSE.

Easy-to-Use Application: SSE company has an amazing app that you can use to scan your meter readings and track the usage. The app also allows you to see the balance.

Range of Tariffs: It is also wise to check at SSE tariffs to see if you can get a better deal before leaving. With SSE, you can save with broadband and energy deal combination.

Known Company: SSE is a well-known company that has been named the best large supplier as an Online Experience Category after winning five Uswitch Awards.

Documents You Need to Request SSE cancellation and How to Cancel

If you are ready to cancel your SSE contract, there are a few things you will need to proceed successfully, such as the documents. The required documents include:
• Your contract
• The policy Number
• ID specifications of SSE
• The expiry date of your contract

The easiest way to cancel is to call customer care using the number 03456019093, talk to the representative and provide them with all your details, including your last meter readings. If you are moving to another place, provide your address to receive the final bill.

If you were renting, provide the landlords’ contact details or the tenant moving in, and if you are selling your property, you can give the details of who is buying or the estate agent. You can also reach SSE through email [email protected]. Another alternative is to write to;

SSE Phone &Broadband Cancellations
PO Box 230

Note that your contract goes for 18 months, and if it is expired, you will need to include a cancellation fee to proceed. If you do not know, refer to your original contract or reach SSE via email or phone.

Alternatives SSE

If you are looking for another energy supplier company, you are sure to find several of them as the market doesn’t lack competitors. It is wise that you look into these companies to ensure their services are reliable and come at an affordable price.

These are a few alternatives you might consider;

• Con Edison
• EDF Energy
• Centrica
• E.ON.
• FirstEnergy
• Exponential-e