Body FX is all about fitness, nutrition help designed by fitness celebrity experts. Body FX’s main point is getting their customers in shape despite the time at hand. Body FX guarantees its subscribers of safe fitness exercises.
No need to worry about losing your body changes as Body FX ensures that you are on the right track to maintaining those changes without causing anybody harm. At Body FX, they offer their customers the first thirty days free as proof of their worthiness. Consult your physician beforehand.

Documents Needed to Cancel Your Body FX Subscription

Personal Details:
Personal information

Company’s Details:
Telephone Number: 0800 263 939
Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]
Mail Address: 607 New North Road,
Morningside, Auckland 1021

Cancellation Process For USA – Body FX

Body FX is an incredible way of losing that extra kilo you have always wanted to lose and even the best option to keep you on track of a healthy path and maintain a healthy weight. Body FX also respects its subscriber’s privacy policy. Despite all that, you may find that its ways of losing weight do not work for you, and you may choose to cancel your subscription.
Below are some of the ways you may choose to cancel your Body FX subscription.”

1. You may choose to give them a call on 00800 263 939 and have your subscription cancelled.

2. You may also send Body FX an email to unsubscribe from your Body FX subscription on [email protected].

3. You may also go to their site’s settings menu and click on manage subscription, then select cancel the subscription; a pop-up will appear for you to choose one option, then click continue. You may choose to take a survey afterwards.

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