There is no doubt that Bartleby has made writers life easier. Writers don’t have to worry about formatting, or any other tedious tasks that we would usually spend time on when writing a paper. But it’s not always easy to unsubscribe from the service for whatever reason. In this blog post, we will break down each step of how you can unsubscribe from Bartleby and be free from its clutches forever!

Step One: Go to the “Settings” tab. Here, you will find your account’s email address and password. Write this information down on a piece of paper or something so that you don’t forget it later!

Step Two: Now, click the “Unsubscribe” button. In order to unsubscribe from Bartleby, you will need a master account or login information for that email address and password. If you do not have either of these things, it is unlikely that this blog post was helpful at all!

Step Three: If you do have a master account or login information, it will go to the next step and ask for your email address. Enter this in and click “continue”.

Step Four: Now that Bartleby is unsubscribed from your personal inbox, we need to find the list of all emails associated with your account. Click “Change Settings” in the top-right corner of Bartleby.

Step Five: On this next page, click “Unsubscribe from all newsletters and marketing emails”, which is at the bottom of the left column on that same webpage.

As a result, you will be unsubscribed from any email lists or mailing lists that are controlled by your Bartleby account.

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