E.ON is a privately-owned international company based in Essen, Germany. The company has the primary aim of becoming the partner of choice when it comes to the provision of reliable customer and energy solutions. The energy company says that it seeks to provide the best solutions in the modern world, ensuring that individuals and businesses stay connected at all times.

In the past years, E.ON has recorded exponential growth in terms of service delivery. It covers families, individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and even entire cities. To learn more about the company, be sure to visit their main website today.

Benefits of Having This Subscription

• Car breakdown cover
• Friendly customer care team
• Easy payment process
• Affordable Energy
• Online account management

Documents Required

There are many reasons you decided to enter into a contract with E.ON. The company provides a range of benefits to its customers in Europe and the United States. However, if you feel that time is ripe to try another company, there is a procedure you are supposed to follow.

First, make sure to find authentic contact details of the company because that is what you will use to terminate the agreement. You can retrieve the contact details from the main website or check your local listings.

Unless you use accurate personal details to ask for the cancellation of the contract, your application will be turned down. Therefore, make sure to have a list of the details that will be required and have them ready.

This is also the perfect time to go through the agreement one more time. Check the terms of the agreement to ascertain that you haven’t gone against any of them. The terms are always updated, so be sure to use the latest version.

How to Unsubscribe

E.ON has a good website with everything available with a click of an icon. Therefore, you might want to begin by engaging their customer care team, informing them that you are looking to terminate the contract.

They will ask why you have decided to make such a step and try to resolve any available issue. If you insist on going ahead, they will advise you accordingly. Most of the time, you will be asked to send an email requesting to unsubscribe from their services.

You want to do this on time so that your subscription is not auto-renewed. Once you have sent an email, you will wait for a few days, and the company will get back to you with the details. Note that this step is most of the time final, and if you wish to renew the contract at a later date, you will have to make another payment, so take your time.

List of Similar Companies to Subscribe To

If you are looking for a great company that can feel the void left by E.ON, you have a number of options to go by. While you can always do your own research, we have listed some of them for you below;

• UK Alternative Energy Ltd
• The Little Green Energy Company Limited
• UK Energy Plus Limited