Ampower is a UK based energy supplier for both commercial and domestic clients. Even though it was established in 2016, most households and businesses have switched to the energy provider. Every week, Ampower boasts of receiving more than 100 new domestic and commercial clients switching from other energy suppliers, resulting in big growth.

Ampower helps its clients save money on their energy bills by tailoring an energy plan created from their energy consumption. These energy plans ensure that one pays only for the energy they need and use, as the tariffs provided by Ampower hold no additional hidden costs.

Benefits of having a contract with Ampower

● You get to save money from your monthly energy bills.

● You get to pay exactly for the energy that you use in your business or household with no hidden charges.

● Even with the benefits that Ampower brings to its clients, one might wish to cancel its use. Here are some insights into how you can cancel your Ampower contract can quickly and without any difficulties.

How to unsubscribe and all the cancellation procedures available

Like any other contract, one can decide to cancel with Ampower if they feel like there are other better options for them or are not pleased with what they get. However, you should wait till the end of your running contract or at least 49 days before the end of the contract to avoid cancellation charges.

Additionally, Ampower has made it clear that any communications between the parties about contracts, including termination notices, should be done in writing. The company provides only two ways to do so:

Postal mail

One can send a written mail to them through their postal address and deliver it personally or even use courier services to deliver. One should send the cancellation letter 30 days before the contracts renewal date.

The address to send the termination letter to is:

AmpowerUK Ltd,
Ampoweruk Ltd 25 Shirwell Crescent,
Furzton Lake Milton Keynes MK4 1GA,
United Kingdom.


Ampower has an email address, which you can use to submit a contract cancellation notice. The notice should be sent 30 days before the renewal of a new contract is done. It should be a simple email providing your account and the expiry dates of your current contract, and they will reply for confirmation. Ampower provides this email when you get into a contract with them.

Documents required for cancellation to be effective

Cancelling an Ampower contract does not require many documents. All that is needed is:

● The personal details that contain address of the premises they provide energy and accounts details.

● Copy of termination notice.

● The contract you wish to terminate.

Other similar companies you can subscribe to

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