In Today’s business world, financial management is a problem that has affected many companies leading to their fall. Accounting and balancing finances is the key factor into managing a successful business flow. Alternatively, to solve the this problem, companies use online software to help in keeping finances intact. is among the software that have facilitated in the financial sector. The company automates financial operations of both small and big businesses. Furthermore, the company connects the businesses with their clients and suppliers with the aim of managing the cash inflow and outflow.

Requirements to be a member of

Before becoming a member of online service platform, you need to give a variety of credentials to have a complete certified membership. Financial management includes account payable and account receivable, either way, the two management process need to have a particular plan.

For the account payable the following plan features will be needed:

  • Pay bills
  • Recurring bills
  • Vendor management
  • vendor credit

On the other hand, for the account receivable, here are some of the plan features included:

  • Sent invoices
  • Recurring invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Contact management

How to unsubscribe from

You can do the following simple procedure to cancel an account from

  • Select settings when you log in on your account
  • On your account, select billing
  • Select cancel on the button named “Cancel my service”
  • Select through the reason for your cancellation
  • Finally select confirm


Having online service software like have made it possible for anyone to start a business successfully and manage all the operations. Although you can unsubscribe on this service, other options you can consider include: Invoiced, Nvoicepay and Mineral Tree.