Bloomberg Businessweek is an American based business magazine aimed at helping global leaders get insights and comprehensive analysis of companies, trends and events. Published 50 times a year, the magazine delivers market news, analysis and data, featuring business information from around the globe. However, it is okay for anyone to wish to cancel the subscription for personal reasons.

How to Cancel Bloomberg Businessweek

If you are not willing to receive the magazine anymore, use your account number to access the customer care area for cancellation. Check your mailing order for the account number, the renewal reminder or your invoice. Other ways to cancel are through the provided online form, via kindle and NOOK.

1. Cancel via Online Form

You are allowed to fill in the online form for cancelation through the following steps:

• Sign in to your account
• Get to the customer service page
• Select manage my subscription
• Select cancel subscription
• Fill in your email address, phone number and your name
• Give details about your subscription status
• Explain why you wish to cancel
• Click on the submit button

2. Via Kindle Subscription

If you made your purchase on Amazon, use your amazon account to cancel by following these steps:

• Get to My Content and Device page
• Access Bloomberg Businessweek
• Follow the given instructions to terminate your subscription

3. Via NOOK

For the digital version of the magazine, if you have a NOOK subscription, call their customer care at 1-800-843-2665. Give your reasons for the need to unsubscribe.

Documents Needed to Unsubscribe and Company Details

• User ID
• Personal data

Company Details

Phone: 1-800-843-2665
Address: New York City, Bloomberg Tower, 731 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

Alternatives to Bloomberg Businessweek

If you are looking to bypass non-compliance with the terminal conditions or avoid data download restrictions, you might want to opt for an alternative. Some of the top competitors to the magazine include:

• YCharts
• Refinitiv Eikon
• PitchBook
• FactSet Research Management
• S&P Global Market Intelligence