Blinkist offers more than 3000 non-fiction books, business books, classics, and self-help books to their subscribers. Once you are a subscriber, you can learn at any time and anywhere you want. It delivers to you essential books you might be interested in, in just 15 minutes.

The company offers you a 7-day free trial before you can subscribe to the premium plan. The good news is that you can always cancel your subscription whenever you want to. But there are steps involved in the cancellation process. Let’s find out.

Details Required for Cancellation

Now, before you cancel your subscription, you might require to include;

  • Ordered on/ received on
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your signature and date

It is also important to know the company’s contact details as you may require them during the cancellation process. You can always reach Blinkist via [email protected] or
Blinks Labs GmbH
Sonnenalle 223
12059 Berlin

How to Unsubscribe from Blinkist

Before you cancel your subscription, it is important to consider the benefits and features of Blinkist. Do not make a rush decision that you will later regret. Some of its benefits include;

• Saves time
• Shares Highlights
• 7-day free trial
• Cross-platform, etc

If you are ready, there are two ways you can cancel your subscription. The first method is to use the web app. Log in, open the settings, go to the menu and proceed to cancel the subscription. Although your subscription will not immediately be canceled, it will be canceled towards the last day of your subscription. The other alternative is to reach customer care via the contacts indicated above.

Alternatives to Blinkist

Like any other company, Blinkist has got competitors. However, it is wise to read the terms and policies of a company before subscribing to it. Here are a few alternatives you can consider;

• StoryShots
• BookRags
• getAbstract
• Instaread
• ReadingIQ