Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that have a website version as well. It is mostly popular because of its unique swipe feature. Individuals of legal age regardless of age group have the ability to use their wild instincts and first impressions when swiping left or right to find a match. When members mutually like each other, they get the chance to connect and communicate through the app.

Tinder has helped many single people find their partners, especially those who have challenges finding face-to-face opportunities, to experience the journey of getting a real date. Irrespective of a whether you get stuck at work all day long or stays in the house the entire day, Tinder gives you a chance to meet someone that will be convenient to date.

Benefits of Having a Tinder Account

When you have a Tinder account, you enjoy the following benefits:

● Instant matching

● Rewind what you swiped (In case you accidentally swiped on a potential match)

● Unlimited right swipes and likes (Free users have a limited number of swipes and likes)

● See users that like you

● Be positioned on top of the pile

● Search for potential matches around the world

Requirements to have a Tinder Account

The process of creating a Tinder account is fast and convenient. It takes around five minutes to complete. The user is required to provide their email address or mobile number to get a verification message. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account to sign up. Once you’re verified, you will be required to provide basic information such as name, date of birth, gender, and profile picture.

It is possible to get a match on Tinder without a premium membership. However, there are many functions that you’ll not be able to access. To access them, you need to purchase a premium package. These features include:

● Passions

● Super boost

● Swipe night

● Rewind

● Top picks

How to Unsubscribe from Tinder

You can unsubscribe from and delete your Tinder account at any time. Simply click on your profile icon, scroll to settings and select “Delete Account”. When you try logging in with the same mobile number of Facebook account, a new account will be formed.

On Android devices, follow the process below:

● Tap your profile icon located at the top right corner

● Under the profile picture, tap the “Settings”

● Scroll down and tap “Manage Payment Account”

● Tap on “Cancel Subscription”

Alternative Dating Sites

Zoosk is a flexible dating app for people looking for short-term relationships. It is one of the most preferred and popular dating apps in the world. The dating site has millions of members, which means that your chances of meeting your match are high.

iDates is a dating site that helps single people get nearby matches. When a member likes your profile and wants to chat, you will receive live notifications.