People’s Energy company was started in 2017 by the people for the people. People’s Energy‘s primary goal is to fight those high prices of electricity and gas. People’s Energy is meant to supply affordable energy to everyone.

Benefits of Subscribing to People’s Energy

Why People’s Energy and the main benefits are;

● They strive to make Energy affordable to all people of all social classes. People’s Energy company believe that everyone is entitled to energy. They try to make their tariffs as low as possible; thus ensuring that everyone has access to energy

● At People’s Energy, they use green energy, hence protecting the environment. They aim to provide people with green energy and to protect the environment people call home at the same time. They also offer renewable energy that is produced using hydro-energy, wind, and solar

● At People’s Energy, they aim to provide people with access to energy more than the effort they apply to profit: this is to say that they are the only Community Interest Company in the United Kingdom

Process Involved in Cancelling People’s Energy

Anyone can cancel their People’s Energy contract. You can do this either through email or through a phone call.

All you need to do is give them a call on 0131 285 5510 and have one of their customer service agents walk you through your cancellation process.

You can also choose to email them ([email protected]). When you send them, an email ensures that you have indicated your contracts/ subscription number.

You can choose to send them a written letter to their headquarters in the UK for those who prefer tangible proof of your cancellation request. Be sure to include the contract number before mailing your letter. Send the letter to People’s Energy Company LTD, 2 Wester Shawfair, Danderhall, Dalkeith, UK, EH22 1FD.

If you signed the contract in person, you could choose to send the cancellation form you have rather than writing a cancellation letter.

Ensure to look for another supplier, or People’s Energy will continue to supply you with energy and bill you if you choose to cancel your contract 14 days into the contract.

What Documents Are Required to Cancel Your Subscription

Required documents:
All you need is your contract/ subscription number.

Telephone: 0131 285 5510 (Monday-Thursday at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 9:00 am- 4:00 pm)
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Headquarters: Shawfair

Similar Companies to People’s Energy

Before subscribing to a new energy supply company, do your fair share of research. Mentioned below are some of competing companies to People’s Energy:

● Pure Energy

● Octopus Energy

● So Energy