Good Energy provides clean energy to its UK-based customers. The energy provided by the company is 100% renewable. By choosing their services, you will get energy generated from the sun, water and wind in the UK. They also supply energy gotten from organic matter and is safe for the environment.

To save the climate crisis, it is vital to use clean energy. If you have any question about joining the team or becoming their customer, you can talk to their dedicated agents using the live chat feature on the official website.

If you are already a part of the team and looking to end the contract, we have the right procedure for you to follow.

Benefits of having this contract

There are many benefits that you can get from your subscription to the services provided by Good Energy. They include;

• Safe energy
• 100% renewable energy
• Affordable services
• Easy terms of contract

Required documents/personal details

When you subscribed as a customer or part of the company, there are some details that you provided. Now that you have decided to end your association with the company, you will have to provide the same details to help the company verify that you are the one making the request.

Make sure to look for the personal details that you used to sign the contract and have them ready. Unless you provide accurate information, the process might be rather complex for you.

As you do these things, try to go through the terms of the contract and make sure that you haven’t breached any of them. In some cases, you are required to only terminate the contract after a certain period following your subscription.

How to unsubscribe

There are two ways to cancel Good Energy if you no longer want to receive their services. First, you can send them an email requesting them to cancel your subscription. The email can only be sent within fourteen days after you had signed an agreement with the company.

If you don’t intend to go with the email because it might take long, then there is a trusted online platform that might come in handy. It is known as Dyme. They will help you with the cancellation after you have filled a form on their website.

In the form, you will key in the exact details you used when subscribing to the services. You will then hit a button, and they will help you with the process.

Similar companies to subscribe to

Once you have ended your agreement with Good Energy, to keep staying connected, you can replace it with the likes of;

• Ecotricity
• Octopus
• Bulb
• Green Tariffs

These are all good companies that provide green energy in the UK. However, they have different terms of operation. To make the best choice, go through their terms and only choose the one that you would be comfortable working with.