With 1Password, you only need to remember one password because the Master Password protects all of your other accounts and vital information. Over 80,000 organisations trust 1Password to keep their data safe.

1Password, which was launched in 2005, now has over 400 staff and millions of users in over 20 countries. Although they may be a trustworthy and attentive firm, it is natural to wish to discontinue using their services, just as it is with any other firm.

How to Unsubscribe from 1Password

To discontinue an active membership, go to the Billing options page and select Unsubscribe. The subscription stays operational until the end of the current payment cycle. After that, the account is frozen, and the subscription can be resumed any time.

Alternatively, send an email to request cancellation.


Submit a termination request to [email protected]. A confirmation email from the company should be sent thereafter.

If there’s no confirmation message, write to them at the physical address listed below.

One can also contact the support team by clicking the contact us icon and selecting the subscription cancellation option.

Support Team

The support team is there to help and will ask a few questions like:

  1. The name of the client
  2. Email address
  3. A description of the issue | why the client wants to opt-out

Documents You Need in Order to Request a Cancellation and Contact Details

Documents needed to unsubscribe from 1Password include:

  • Email address
  • Personal details of the account holder
  • Credit/debit card number of the account holder

Company’s Details

Email:[email protected]

Address:4711 Yonge St, 10th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6K8 Canada

Alternatives for 1Password

In today’s world, most businesses are up against dozens of competitors, and the website content industry is no exception. Some 1Password alternatives are:

  • KeePass
  • Enpass
  • Dashlane Business
  • Kaspersky Password Manager
  • Keeper Password Manager
  • Bitwarden