Bokksu is a trusted brand in delivering Japanese snack boxes each month.

It boasts of over 100,000 subscribers around the globe who enjoy amazing snacks, teas and snacks sourced from century-old businesses around Japan. The snack box company delivers quality snacks with attention to hygiene and variety. It is a perfect snack box for anyone willing to explore the culinary side of Japan.

Even with these qualities, it is normal to find a person who decides to cancel their subscription for whatever reason or try other providers in the market.

How to Cancel USA- Bokksu

You can cancel your subscription at any time you wish. However, you will still receive your boxes until the last date of the current subscription. Therefore, you should cancel your subscription at least a day before the renewal date. Otherwise, you will still be billed for the entire month that starts.

You can cancel your subscription using either two ways; via email or on the online portal.

Using the Online Portal

Start by logging into your Bokksu Account. Then, head to the ‘Subscription and Gifts’ section. You will find a link called the ‘Deactivate Subscription’ link. The site will ask you to select the reason for deactivating the account. Complete by clicking send. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

By Email

You can send an email to [email protected], indicating your desire to cancel your subscription. The customer service will send you an email confirming the cancellation.

Documents You Need to Request a Cancellation

To cancel the subscription, you just need to include your name and subscription number. For the portal cancellation procedure, no documents are required from you.

Alternatives to Bokksu

If you still need snack deliveries, you can pick one of the several companies out there. Research the company to ensure that it is reputable and offers timely deliveries. Some of the best alternatives in the market include:

  • Vegancuts Snack Box
  • MunchPak
  • Fit Snack
  • SnackSack
  • Japan Crate