The Pure Planet is one of the first leading “app-only” suppliers of green energy in the UK. Its mission is to provide cheap green energy to its customers, and the company has ensured it by the use of alternative pricing model and innovative technology. Besides offering energy that bears 0% mark-up, Pure Planet dropped all the call centres to introduce a chatbot app. This app incorporates artificial intelligence that makes it easy for clients to get all the services at the comfort of their smartphones.

The ditching of call centres ensures less staff is hired for customer service, leading to reduced operational costs. It leads to constant low tariff prices since customers use the app to find solutions to their problems on their own. However, there is an assurance if a complicated issue arises, a physical human can be sent to the location as the last option.

Benefits of Pure Planet Subscription

• All you are charged is a fixed membership fee, no daily standing charges.
• It provides peace of mind, especially if you are on a fixed tariff.
• Offer flexibility through a variable tariff depending on your energy usage. It is a bit expensive but not in comparison with its competitors. No fixed charge and you will not incur any charges when you decide to exit.
• No profit the company makes on the energy customers use. It is offered at a 0% mark-up and hence no overcharge.
• All the information about your account is easily accessible at the chatbot app at “my account.”
• All dual fuel users are given an annual membership fee discount of £30.

How to unsubscribe

The below steps will help you cancel the existing subscription at Pure Planet app.

If it is not yet 14 days since you switched, you are within the gap requiring you to unsubscribe through the app. Go to the app and tap on My Account. Click on Your Details and choose the cancel my switch button. By so doing, you will close your account, and you will not incur more charges from Pure Planet.

If 14 days have passed since you switched off, look for another supplier, switch to them, and Pure Planet will automatically close your account on your behalf.

There are no charges one incurs during exit for cancellations.


The following are necessities if you are or want to be a member at Pure Planet:

Emergency numbers

Call 0800111999 if there is a gas leak
Call 105 if there is no electricity supply

Personal information

• Name
• Home address
• Mobile number
• Date of birth
• Email address
• Physical and mental health status
• Bank account details (for members only) for collecting payments
• Meter details for record-keeping
• Your address information
• Your residential information about you and other people living with you at the property

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