The Arizona Republic is a daily and leading newspaper in Arizona. Initially, it was branded as the Arizona Republican. It was established in 1890. Currently, Gannett Company owns the newspaper. Its head office is in Phoenix, AZ. People subscribe to this newspaper to access unlimited news. Do you know why the Arizona Republic is regarded as the most prominent newspaper?

  • It has more than a million subscribers, both daily and weekend subscribers
  • It has endorsed some political figures like George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton

Besides covering political news, the newspaper covers other stories, such as lifestyle, sports, local and international news, plus business news. Those who prefer to get breaking news or remain updated with everything around can download the Arizona Republic application or register to get newsletters. But if you no longer need updates from it, you can liberally unsubscribe.

Documents Required to Cancel Subscription

  • Your names
  • Valid email address and phone number
  • Billing details like address or credit card
  • Company’s customer service center phone number: 602-444-1000 or 800-332-6733

How to Cancel Arizona Republic

You can cancel the contract in several ways:

a) DoNotPay
This option helps one cancel his or her subscription effortlessly. How do you do it?
i. Open DoNotPay from your favorite web browser
ii. Log in and select “Find Hidden Money”
iii. Type in the package you want to revoke (Arizona Republic)

After that, you will receive a notification from the app.

b) Phone
Alternatively, you can cancel updates by calling their customer support. Dial (1-800-31-9303) and ask the agent to cancel your account and payments. Give him or her your account info and request a verbal confirmation code or email as proof of cancellation.

Alternatives to the Arizona Republic

Every business has a competitor. If you would like to switch from Arizona Republic to other affordable newspapers, here is the list to choose from:

  • The Dallas morning news
  • News on
  • The commercial appeal