Three is a telecommunication company that offers mobile network and internet services in the UK. In fact, it is the fourth largest provider with approximately 13.3 million subscribers who use the network to stream videos. However, it is normal for anyone to forgo their services if they find a reliable network company they want.

Three is known for its excellent range of internet plans that give unlimited data for you to binge-watch. Also, you can roam freely after paying the front cost.

Pros and cons of Three

● Three has the benefits that make it a good mobile network. For instance :Three’s plans are at reasonable prices, which attracts many people.
● The plans
get you unlimited data
● Monthly upgrades for customers who go for that kind of contract .
● Nonetheless, consider the plan that you comfortable with before opting for any mobile contract. In any case, terminate the contract if the internet plan or network is slow. Read through the conditions first. Also, check the signal in your place before you go for three.

How to cancel Three

Three does not give monthly deals. Thus you have to sign for a year. Therefore, you have to sign up with their yearly contracts that run up to 24 months, depending on the phone type. If you have to cancel the contract early, you will pay a cancellation fee and give 30-day advance notice.

You can reach Three via a phone call, text message, or email. In any case of early termination, here is how to reach them

Phone call

They have a specific phone number to use for cancelling the plan: 03306868000. After that, you get information on the outstanding charges that include the early contract termination fee. The 30-day notice serves to give them a period to cancel your number. Just give them a call.

Support page

Broadband network users can reach Three through their support page with 24-hour customer service. The cancellation process will begin.

Required cancellation documents

Before you sign out of Three, you have to present the registration documents. Furthermore, if you want to go for a new provider while retaining the number, then have this in place:

● Mobile number
● Password
● Address
● Date of birth
● Three provides the contract termination information on their page. Check If you on the 5G network broadband, then it is not retainable and you lose all the credit once you switch.

Alternatives to Three Network

Three gives an option of taking your number with you. However, you have to get the Port Authorisation Code for your new service provider. If you need the number cancelled, present Service Termination Authorisation Code to your new provider.

Some of the best network providers to go to include:

● EE
● Vodafone